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Reflect to grow

Why the "Soul Mirror" name was chosen?

The logo reminds two faces reflecting each other, watching, learning about, getting to know and connecting each other as well.

By implementing Mindful Learning elements to language learning, the student learns and becomes mindful about one's learning; the teacher teaches the language and learns about the student, and also becomes mindful about the learning of both. And together they learn and grow.

The teacher shares his knowledge with the student. The student also shares his knowledge with the teacher. And together both help the student grow even further.

The teacher, by becoming increasingly mindful about the student, adapts even further to the student's needs. The student, with dedication and will, learns the language and ends up reflecting the teacher's vision. And together both help the student grow further and further.

We want to help you grow! And succeed! And watch your progress closely when it comes to language learning! Check below what Soul Mirror is able to offer to you:

Por que escolher a Soul Mirror L+C?

Why Choose Soul Mirror L+C?